Leisure Precinct

Located in the heart of Lakeside Goolwa is the pristine Leisure Precinct. Maintained by our staff daily, this is the health hub of the community. 

The leisure precinct

Indoor swimming pool

For relaxation or fitness, you'll enjoy this beautifully maintained resort facility, including a heated swimming pools and poolside lounges.


With a poolside gym open every day, you will find it easy to stay fit and strong. Jump on a cardio machine or lift some weights with friends.

Scheduled free fitness classes

Free weekly classes, such as aqua aerobics, tai chi, pilates and yoga are available to all residents.

Water activities

Lakeside's unique location means that residents can enjoy water activities such as boating, sailing and fishing, using our very own boat ramp!

Water activities


Lakeside offers the ultimate boating experience with private marina berths available, ensuring you can set sail whenever the mood strikes.


Indulge in your passion for fishing in our idyllic setting, where you can easily access prime fishing spots along the serene lakeside.


For sailing enthusiasts, our boat ramp is the ideal launchpad for your nautical adventures, letting you hoist your sails and explore. 


Embrace the tranquillity of kayaking at Lakeside, where you can embark on serene paddling adventures surrounded by natural beauty.

Leisure Lounge

Lakeside's Leisure Lounge serves as a welcoming hub where residents can come together, fostering social connections, enjoying friendly games, or simply unwinding and finding relaxation.

The Leisure Lounge

Snooker, Billards & 8 Ball

Challenge your skills in friendly games of snooker, billiards, and 8-ball, pitting your abilities against friends and neighbours for an enjoyable and competitive experience.

Table Tennis

Engage in spirited matches of table tennis, where you can showcase your talents and compete with friends for an exciting and competitive time.


Test your precision and enjoy some friendly competition with a game of darts in our designated area, the perfect place to sharpen your skills.


Join in on the fun of shuffleboard, a classic pastime perfect for relaxed afternoons and friendly competition.

Quoits & Hoopla

Enjoy the nostalgia of quoits and hoopla, games that bring a sense of community and light-hearted entertainment to residents.

Wine & dine

We have several spaces available for residents to use for family gatherings, community get-togethers or just a casual catch up with friends. 

Function centre

Function Centre

Discover the versatility of our function centre, the perfect venue for hosting memorable events, celebrations, and gatherings, surrounded by the beauty of the lake.

Rooftop entertaining

Head to the rooftop entertaining area to unwind. Bring a bottle of wine and a platter, and enjoy the magnificent lake and hills views.


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Opening hours
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